DKN Elliptical Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

DKN XC-140i Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

When it comes to cross trainers, people require quite a lot from their home models, without the bulky nature of industrial gym equivalents. Fortunately, the DKN XC-140i (lowest price here!) trainer looks to offer exactly that, as well as a reasonable price.

So, with this in mind, is the trainer any good? Let’s take a look and see just how well it performs.

Main Features

DKN Elliptical Trainer Review 2015 - 2016The DKN XC-140i may look like a compact, light model, but it’s clear some great design has gone into providing a very worthwhile product. Straight away there are a number of key features that are worth talking about, including:

  • At 14kg, this is one of the biggest flywheels on any home cross trainer. If you’re looking for plenty of power and resistance, this option may be of interest to you.
  • As far as resistance goes, this trainer offers some of the highest variance available. With 32 different levels, you can really fine-tune the accuracy and get the resistance you want.
  • This device also has digital controls, so you can operate it via the main console. This is great when you want to focus on exercising and just want to customise your workout without having to stop.
  • Similarly, the console allows for added customisation through apps and other supporting features, helping to further increase the versatility of this product.
  • As further support, this device is designed to incorporate tablets. Not only does this offer you a bigger screen, you can connect with various digital apps to enhance your experience, or even just use entertainment apps to make any workout more enjoyable.
  • The heart rate measurement system is also a worthwhile inclusion. As you would expect, this allows you to get live results and adjust your exercise accordingly.
  • As far as its overall design goes, this is one of the lightest cross trainers available. At 58.5 kg, it’s much lighter than it looks.
  • Similarly, it is also quite small, with a dimensional frame of just 142 x 164 x 56 cm.

Aside from its small size, it’s clear that plenty of effort has gone into considering the needs of a typical home. This is evident by its small size, light weight and the simple – yet very worthwhile – ability to adapt computer tablets. So, with this in mind, how does the cross trainer operate?

Using The Cross Trainer

Getting this cross trainer set up in your home is relatively easy, thanks to its light weight and small size. It still requires some room, but its not as demanding or energy-intensive as some other pieces of equipment might be.

When using this device, its unique features really start to shine. The digital console may be simple, but being able to get heart rate readings is vital for anyone fine-tuning their program. Bare in mind that, with 32 levels of resistance, this device is certainly open to the possibility of fine tuning.

Similarly, this trainer also comes into its own when you start using a tablet alongside it. This is such a simple feature, yet it makes such a big difference that you will readily want to use the tablet whenever you use the device. This also works well in the home, as you can integrate the trainer better with your home comforts.


If you’re looking for an affordable cross trainer that is designed to fit into your home, while still offering a range of high-end features, than this device is definitely worth considering. It has some impressive stats – like 32 resistance levels – and a small, compact design that is perfect for home use.

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