JTX Strider-X7 Review 2016 – 2017

JTX Strider-X7 Review 2017

A cross trainer needs to do many things, hence the name, yet a cross trainer in the home also needs to be practical and well-sized for these smaller environments. Many people prefer working out at home, with a cross trainer being the perfect go-to device.

Fortunately, products like the JTX Strider-X7 (lowest price here!) exist to fill this void. This product has some very practical features, while still being a powerful cross trainer in its own right. Yet, is this device right for you? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Main Features

JTX Strider-X7 Review 2015 - 2016Looking at the JTX Strider-X7’s specifications, it’s clear that this device is built to offer a powerful workout. Yet that is not all that it does, as its many features improve its practical nature and versatility. These include:

  • This device has a 12.5 kg flywheel, which is more than enough to keep even experienced athletes satisfied
  • At for resistance, there are 16 different levels to choose from. Many people will find this is more than enough to get the exact amount that they want or need.
  • As for controlling the device, the touch-screen console is easy and intuitive. This makes for quick changing mid-session.
  • It’s also relatively easy to set up and comes with 16 different programs. Again, this will help you get the exact workout you’re looking for.
  • As far being used in the home is concerned, this device has wheels on the corners. This makes it much easier to push and slide away, when not in use, rather than having to grapple onto a cumbersome shape.
  • Even if you do need to lift it, it only weights 54 kg, which is surprisingly light for a cross trainer.
  • As far as size is concerned, this is just 170 x 70 x 130 cm, giving it a rather thin, tall and sleek profile.

As you can see, there are more than enough features here to keep both beginners and experts happy.


Using The Trainer

The biggest appeal here is the inclusion of wheels. It seems so simple, yet it drastically improves how you workout. This way, no energy is wasted lifting heavy objects – not that this cross trainer is heavy. The device glides smoothly and the ability to conserve energy, as well as not waste any more power when you’re finished, will be greatly appreciated.

Likewise, the device itself is relatively easy to use, thanks to touch-screen controls. This all helps control the 12.5 kg flywheel. Between the two, you can easily shift up or down while exercising.

Yet, despite these features, this still remains and sleek, lightweight design. This speaks volumes about the products practical nature and it’s little touches like this that will make it welcome in many homes.



This is certainly a cross trainer designed for home use. If you’re looking to take up more training, and don’t want to visit the gym so frequently, a home trainer is a great option. When it comes to these, few alternatives offer the same high value as the Strider-X7

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