Kettler Cross Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

Kettler Premium Cross P Trainer

If you are a bit sceptical about going to the gym because you feel insecure about your body and you are paranoid about what everybody thinks, firstly, just remember everybody at the gym is there for the same sort of reasons as you are so no one is there to judge, and secondly, if you still don’t think the gym is an option for you, then maybe purchasing some home gym equipment is your only option in losing weight. Home gym equipment can be purchased from a variety of places and can range from a small set of dumbbells to a multi-gym that has enough equipment to do hundreds of different exercises.

Kettler Cross Trainer Review 2015 - 2016A lot of people trying to lose weight in their own homes often opt for a cross trainer – which is basically a machine that lets users simulate stair climbing, walking, or running on the spot in their own living room. If you are looking to add a cross trainer to a room in your house, or even your garage, you may want to look at the Kettler Premium Cross P Trainer (lowest price here!) – it’s a reputable cross trainer manufactured by the popular Kettler brand, so you know you are going to get something that works and is going to last a long time.

If you are interested in this product, take a look at the following features it offers its users:

  • Electro-magnetic resistance – This cross trainer comes with a magnetic resistance that has 16 different tension levels that can be used for people that are finding exercise a little too easy.
  • 12 different programmes – Included with this cross trainer are 12 different training programmes that can be changed manually using the monitor. You can also change the heart rate setting that will automatically adjust the training programme to suit your needs.
  • 14kg fly wheel – The 14kg flywheel provides an even sturdier experience for its users and makes the operation of the machine as smooth as possible.
  • Floor levellers – The levellers can be used to level the cross trainer for uneven surfaces.
  • Fitness recovery test – A fitness recovery test is included to make fitness a little more challenging and exciting.
  • Heavy duty transport castors – The heavy duty transport castors will make transportation of the cross trainer a lot easier.
  • LCD Screen – The LCD screen will provide a lot of data for that specific workout such as speed, distance, time, and heart rate.
  • Easy to assemble – This cross trainer comes equipped with an easy instruction booklet that will make setup and assembly painless. Upon delivery you will have this setup and ready to use within a matter of minutes.

If you are only starting out at home with cross trainer exercises you’ll only want something basic, which is what this particular cross trainer provides. There are plenty of reviews online to suggest that this Kettler Premium Cross P Trainer is perfect for those inexperienced users looking to lose some weight at home and with the features it comes with and adjustable settings that can be changed to make the experience a little harder – makes this cross trainer perfect to add to any room in the house. The price tag may be tough pill to swallow but for what you are getting and with a brand in Kettler that you can fully trust, you’ll realize that it is a very good investment. Even if you are an experienced user of cross trainers in the past this product will still give you the hard work out you need to lose weight and its durability will ensure it lasts for years.


Features: Easy to assemble – 14kg flywheel – Fitness test

Pricing: High-End

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