NordicTrack Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

NordicTrack Cross Trainer Review 2017

NordicTrack E9.5 Elliptical X-Trainer ReviewWhen it comes to cross trainers, there is a big difference between those used in the gym and those used at home. Fortunately, the Nordic Track E9.5 (lowest price here!) is clearly designed to be in the latter category.

Aside from its reasonable asking price, this cross trainer is a very promising product, thanks to its clever design and considerable features. So, the only real question left to ask is how the device handles?

Main Features

Before we begin, it’s worth looking at just what this trainer has to offer. The design, at least in terms of specifications, is solid. Here’s a run-down of its most unique offerings:

  • This device comes equipped with a 12 kg flywheel. If you’re looking for bigger or better, you’ll struggle to find anything in this price range. Besides, for most people, 12 kg is more than enough.
  • This flywheel also offers magnetic resistance. Thanks to the lack of actual grinding, this offers a smooth, quiet experience, which is very welcome when trying to relax at home.
  • Likewise, the resistance can be adjusted through 22 different levels. If you’re looking for precise control, this should be more than enough.
  • As far as size goes, this device can be folded an unfolded, making it easier to store. When it is unfolded, it has a rough size of 176 x 63 x 184 cm.
  • When folded down, it is just 171 x 46 x 77 cm. When every cm counts, being able to make this device more compact is a very useful feature.
  • Likewise, despite all of these inclusions, it still only weights around 145 kg. Many cross trainers weigh considerably more.
  • When working out, the cooling fan will become your new best friend. The quick, cold blasts of fresh air are great for increasing your endurance and getting longer, better exercise times.
  • It’s many customisable features can be controlled via the digital console. When you’re mid-exercise and want to focus, this allows you to fine-tune the device without stopping. Aside from the resistance, this also controls numerous other factors, including the speed and incline.
  • As an added touch, you can also use your music or smart device to play music. The trainer comes with built-in speakers. It’s a surprising feature, yet one that will certainly be used.

As you can see, there are a range of practical exercise features, such as some great resistance, as well as some features designed purely to enhance the home experience, such as the speakers. It’s this great mix of the two that gives the NordicTrack a very competitive edge.

Using The Cross Trainer

When you use this trainer, the 12 kg flywheel speaks for itself. This is a very solid flywheel and it offers a great level of resistance. Of course, with so many levels of adjustment, you can easily reduce or increase this to suit your needs.

It should also be noted that this resistance is also smooth and quiet. When you’re in a home environment, this is certainly useful. It allows you to watch TV or, even better, use the in-built speaks to play motivational music.


If you want to get a good work out – yet also enjoy some home comforts while doing so – this device is clearly built from the ground-up for you. While it is a versatile, powerful trainer in its own right, it has some custom features that make it much more welcome in homes and other personal spaces, too.

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