Pro XS Sport Cross Trainer & Bike Review 2016 – 2017

Pro XS Sports 2-in-1 Cross Trainer Exercise Bike

If you can’t decide on whether to get a cross trainer or exercise bike for your fitness needs then why not get the both of them in one design? The Pro XS Sports 2-in-1 (lowest price here!) comes with a cross trainer and exercise bike so you’ll not need to decide what is better any more. This 2-in-1 model is perfect for those looking to lose a bit of weight and at the same time continue with cardiovascular workouts to enhance their fitness. This particular 2-in-1 design has received a lot of positive reviews since it was released in 2014 and is still very popular today thanks to its 2-in-1 feature. Many people choose this Pro XS Sports product because it is very useful for people wanting to change between the sports equipment they use for their exercises.

Pro XS Sports 2-in-1 Cross Trainer Exercise BikeThis product only weighs a measly 29kgs so you may find that it is very lightweight when compared with other cross trainers and exercise bikes but don’t let that put you off as the sturdy design can still hold 110kgs at any one time – many people that have left reviews have said they have used it on a daily basis for months on end and have never ran into any problems with its structure or anything else for that matter.

Have a look at the following features to see if this 2-in-1 design will suit your needs:

  • Adjustable resistance – The adjustable resistance will allow users to exercise with low and high intensity so it is perfect for a variety of users needing something different.
  • Multi-function LCD display – For the users own benefit they will be able to see all the stats on the LCD screen from that specific workout. Data such as pulse, distant, speed, and time is all recorded thanks to the systems pulse sensors.
  • Front wheels – Front wheels are used on the front of the cross trainer to ensure it is easy to move around the house, which is great if you are the only person in the house when you need it moved.
  • Easy to assemble – The whole product is very easy to assemble unlike a lot of the other cross trainers available. This one comes with a full instruction manual so you’ll have it setup within minutes.
  • Steel frame structure – Even though this product is very lightweight and only weighs 29kgs altogether it is still made out of a steel frame so you can ensure it is sturdy for daily use.
  • 1 year warranty – A 1 year warranty is guaranteed if anything should go wrong with the product so you can be confident this product is going to last.
  • Adjustable components – All of the components such as the seat, handles, and foot pedals are all adjustable to suit the needs of the user and for whichever machine they are using.
  • Chain driven flywheel – A flywheel is placed at the front of the structure for extra robustness and it is powered using a chain.
  • Arm movement – The arms on this machine move forward and back which gives the user extra exercise.

This 2-in-1 cross trainer and exercise bike is perfect for any novice to start losing weight on. It comes with a variety of features and settings that can be changed to give a low intensity or high intensity workout. This product is one of the cheapest in the industry and seeing as it comes with a 1 year guarantee it is very hard to turn your nose up on such a sturdy product that is going to give you an excellent experience.


Features: 2-in-1 Cross Trainer Exercise Bike – Pulse Sensors – LED Display

Pricing: Affordable

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