Reebok GX50 Cross Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

Reebok GX50 One Series Cross Trainer

The Reebok GX50 One Series Cross Trainer (lowest price here!) is just another reliable cross trainer designed and manufactured by the famous Reebok brand. With Reebok you can be sure you are getting a quality cross trainer that is not only robust, but also provides many features and settings, all within a compact design. The price of this product is very reasonable for everything it provides its users and you aren’t just paying for the Reebok brand either because this product is very robust and you’ll find that it will last a lot longer than all the other cross trainers out there. It’s a cross trainer worth investing in because it also comes with Reeboks 2 year guarantee should anything ever go wrong.

Reebok GX50 One Series Cross TrainerHave a look at the features this product provides below:

  • 9kg flywheel – The 9kg flywheel will ensure smooth operation of the cross trainer at all times.
  • 2 year product guarantee – The 2 year product guarantee included in this purchase will ensure you are protected should anything ever go wrong with the product. Reebok promises to repair or replace the cross trainer if the inevitable should happen.
  • Backlit LCD screen – The backlit LCD screen will show you all of the data including distant, time, speed, and other important data which will better your performance over time.
  • Listen to music as you go – Music is a big motivator in the gym industry and there is certainly nothing wrong with listening to music whilst you are exercising hard on the cross trainer. This product will let you plug in your MP3 device so you can listen to all your favourite music.
  • 120kg maximum weight – This machine will let users weighing up to 18st and 13lb so is very much suitable for heavy people looking to lose some weight.
  • Hand grip pulse sensor – The sensor on the handles will ensure all your pulse rate data is recorded on the LCD screen.
  • 32 levels of tension – Work your way through the 32 levels of tension that will let you go easy or hard depending on your exercise needs.
  • 23 different programmes – 23 different programmes will ensure you never get bored and you are always motivated to exceed your personal bests.
  • Reasonable stride length – The stride length is 15” which is a great stride length for all users.

All in all, for the price of the Reebok GX50 you are getting a lot more than you would if buying another brand because this one offers its users a great experience with plenty of settings to make your workout not only enjoyable but also a challenge! Not many cross trainers out there can offer the same in terms of features, robustness, and ease of use which is why this cross trainer by Reebok is very competitive and very popular among home gym enthusiasts. If you are looking for a cross trainer that is going to provide you with everything you need to get started, not only as a novice user, but also make you an advanced user, then the GX50 cross trainer by Reebok could be the product you have been looking for.

The 32 levels of tension along with the 23 different programmes this cross trainer provides means you can start off slowly and work your way through all the difficult levels of tension and programmes. When you are more advanced you will be able to use this on a daily basis to maintain fitness and even the more difficult levels of tension and the programmes will still continue to test your fitness so there will always be something for you to achieve when using this cross trainer.


Features: 32 tension levels –23 programmes – MP3 compatible

Pricing: High-End

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