Treadmill v Cross Trainer – Which Is Better For You?

Cross Trainers Or Treadmills?

If you are one of those people looking to start an exercise regime from home then you’ll want the best quality equipment that will help you on your way. Different gym equipment provide different exercises and all of them work different muscles in the human body. One common question that is often asked in the home gym exercising industry is “Should I invest in a cross trainer or a treadmill?” and the question can simply be answered with the response “It depends on what you want your body to achieve”.

It’s more or less preference for that specific person, some people prefer to use a treadmill because it gives them a better running experience and others prefer to opt for a cross trainer because it works 80% of the bodies muscles. Have a look below at what each individual machine is able to do and have a look at what benefits they provide their users, and then you will be able to decide for yourself what machine is better suited to your needs.

Cross Trainer

A cross trainer is perfect for those looking to improve their endurance and provide an exercise for multiple muscles at the same time. The cross trainer is known for its ability to exercise up to 80% of a human bodies muscles at the same time which is why it is up there with the best exercise machines around. Cross trainers are great for those looking for a good cardiovascular workout that provides a balanced exercise for multiple muscles.

Calves, quads, biceps, triceps, and other muscles are all trained during a stress free cross trainer workout. Cross trainers simulate walking, running, and walking up the stairs so if you go and walk up and down the stairs a few times you will see for yourself what sort of work out you can get with a cross trainer. One of the many benefits of using a cross trainer is to take away the stress on the joints you will often get during normal jogging practices – the cross trainer motion provides a way in which the user can still simulate a normal jogging experience but it takes the weight off the joints because the body is in continuous contact with the cross trainer.

Another benefit of using a cross trainer is the fact it provides its users with a continuous loss of calories, around 10 calories per minute can be lost with the cross trainer because it provides its users with a good work out that exercises multiple muscles at the same time. Cross trainers are often used by people who struggle to go jogging outside because it causes stress to joints and even back pain, with a cross trainer the machine does most of the work for you but still gives you a great exercise and at the same time still builds the muscles in the lower leg.


A treadmill acts as a conveyor belt which allows users to walk, jog, and sprint on the spot in their own homes. This is a great way to go running without leaving your own home and it still provides all the benefits of going out doors as normal, except you don’t get to see any of the nature on your travels, but you’ll still get to watch your favourite TV shows! Treadmills are a little bit louder when in use which is the only negative that comes with using a treadmill instead if a cross trainer but it still provides its users many other benefits that makes up for it.

One of its many benefits is to provide its users with an easy way to burn calories; over 100 calories can be burnt per mile thanks to using a treadmill – which is why it is so popular in homes. It isn’t recommended for people who suffer from pains when jogging normally, as you will have to support your own weight during use so it will put stress on joints and the back area.


All in all as you can see from the benefits each machine provides their users there isn’t an easy choice in terms of which is better in general and that will all be decided by the preference of the user. There are other advantages and negatives each machine provides so it’s better to have a look on the individual machine to see which is better suited to your needs. You may decide on the cross trainer to be more suited to your needs because when you get up early in the morning to exercise you’ll not want to wake the rest of the house up and a treadmill may be a bit too loud. But on the other hand you may like the tough exercise a treadmill gives you thanks to its running on rough terrain and up hills features.