V Fit Cross Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

V-Fit MCCT1 Combination 2-in-1 Magnetic Cycle And Elliptical Trainer

The V-Fit MCCT1 Combination 2-in-1 (lowest price here!) provides an exercise bike and a cross trainer in one design, which is perfect for those who can’t decide on what machine is going to be best for them. Cross trainers exercise 80% of the bodies muscles when in use and the exercise bike can train the legs which makes this a very good combination to have in any home. You could potentially train legs for an hour by cycling and then change things around and give your upper body a good exercise as well – this is a great combination for anyone looking to start losing weight.

v-fit-mcct1-combination-2-in-1-magnetic-cycle-and-elliptical-trainerIt has been scientifically proven that using short bursts of pace for a minute or two and then a couple of minutes in between lowering the intensity can show weight loss results within days after starting. Using those techniques on exercise bikes and cross trainers provide even better results and it’s only up to the person trying to lose weight to put however much effort in they desire. This cross trainer and exercise bike in one will provide a lot of different tension settings and different programmes to make exercising more enjoyable – and in turn people put more effort in. Here are a couple of the many features this 2-in-1 cross trainer provides its users:

  • Space saving design – This structure is pretty small when compared to other 2-in-1 products so even if you have a small area to work with you will still find space for this product.
  • Forward and reverse – The forward and reverse ensures you get a bit of variety when training should you want to try something different. You can try out many different techniques using both methods to see which one produces the best results for you.
  • Robust steel frame – The robust steel frame will make sure it is a sturdy enough experience even when you are exercising at a higher intensity. The steel is also chip proof painted which means your cross trainer come exercise bike will look good for years to come.
  • Adjustable components – This 2-in-1 product caters for people all shapes and sizes thanks to its adjustable components such as the height of the seat, and the large foot pedals.
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance – The magnetic resistance can be adjusted to 8 different levels which will give you a much tougher exercise if you feel it’s getting easier to do.
  • LCD monitor – Included will be a LCD monitor which will allow users to track their progress. Included are 7 functions that lets users track burned calories, distance, hand pulse, odometer, scan, speed and time.
  • Easy self-assembly – You will be provided with an easy install guide so this product can be setup just moments after it has been delivered.
  • Heavy duty – This V-Fit MCCT1 machine is very heavy duty thanks to its steel frame and it can cater for anyone that weighs 110kgs and below.
  • Synchronised handlebars – The synchronised handlebars will ensure safety when in use and something to hold onto during high intensive workouts.

This V-Fit MCCT1 Combination machine is well worth the price tag that is displayed for and the many positive reviews that it receives would suggest that this product is at the top of its game. Many people, old and young, use this machine on a daily basis to get fit and lose weight and there is no reason why you shouldn’t add this to your house for all your family members to take advantage of. With its slick modern design and all the features it provides puts this V-Fit product up the top with all the other good machines available, and because of the price it may tip this product in favour of all the rest.


Features: Heavy duty – Steel frame design – Easy assembly

Pricing: Affordable

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