Xterra Free Style Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 2016 – 2017

Xterra Free Style X-Cross Trainer Review 2015 – 2016

If you’re looking for a professional, gym-grade trainer for personal, home use, the Xterra Free Style Elliptical Cross Trainer (lowest price here!) is a very worthwhile option.

This model packs plenty of features, all combined in a sleek, smooth design. If you’re serious about training, this equipment can be very tempting indeed. Yet, does it live it up to its price tag? Lets see what this cross trainer is capable of.

Main Features

Xterra Free Style Elliptical Cross Trainer Review 2015 - 2016This device has plenty to offer and it is clear that plenty of effort and consideration went in to its design. It has many unique features that make it worthy of note, including:

  • This device has an 11.3kg flywheel and, while it might not be the largest, it is certainly enough.
  • This flywheel can then be combined with 20 different levels of resistance. This allows you to both easily switch up and down mix-exercise, or simply fine-tune your programme to how you need it.
  • As an added touch, the cooling fan is a feature that is very much appreciated. Not all cross trainers have it, yet that blast of fresh air is able to help you endure and increase your workout length.
  • As for as ease of use goes, its hard to argue with a digital console. This is easy to use with simple controls and even comes with 13 different programs for extra versatility.
  • Despite all of these features, the boxed product only weights 110 kg, despite looking much heavier.
  • Size wise, this is a little bulky, but that is to be expected with all of its features. Dimension-ally, it is 209 x 55 x 171 cm.
  • This device also has two sets of handlebars, perfect for when you want to take large strides or grip the smaller bars for bursts of frantic energy.
  • Similarly, the smaller bars have built in heart rate measurements. Combined with the digital console, this allows you to monitor your rate mid-session, just as a high-tec piece of gym equipment would.

As far as the design and features go, this has more than enough specifications to keep even the most experienced athlete happy. Yet, this is all well and good in theory, but how does the actual device handle?

Using The Cross Trainer

Straight away, just by looking at this device, it is clear that this is a very high tec piece of equipment. It’s sleek design is very elegant and makes it look like something you would certainly want to use. This is further confirmed when using the device, as it offers a very smooth experience with subtle transitions between resistance.

This is great as, with 20 different levels, you can really control your increments of change. Whether you want a subtle adjustment or a larger change, with 20 levels this is a very easy thing to do.

Likewise, everything else can more or less be controlled by the console. This makes the device very easy and familiar to use, as you can simply start exercising and adjust via the console as you go. When you’re working out at home, this makes it very easy to get up and workout, without having to work through various settings first.


In short, this looks like a high quality piece of equipment and the Xterra Free Style does, indeed, live up to its image. The device is easy to use but offers highly satisfying workouts and a range of customisation options that will allow anyone to improve and develop their routine – what more could you ask for from a cross trainer?

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